Achates Power Refuels with $35M for Cleaner, Fuel-Efficient Engine

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design and build engines to meet each customer’s specifications. Confidentiality agreements preclude the company from identifying Achates customers. About Achates’ customers, Johnson would say only that the company has “more than a handful of partners.”

While Achates was initially focused on diesel-fueled engines, he said the design is “fuel agnostic” and can be adapted for use with natural gas and other fuels. Prospective uses range from unmanned aerial vehicles to stationary power plants, he added.

As a further sign of industry acceptance, Achates named five top automotive and commercial vehicle executives to an industry advisory board. The company says it is also one of six semi-finalists for an “Emerging Innovation Award” to be selected during a national summit on energy security to be held in Washington DC on Oct. 16.

The Series C funding and formation of an industry advisory board will help expand the company’s product development and commercialization efforts.

In addition to the company’s commercial customers, Achates says it also is continuing to work with AVL Powertrain Engineering to develop the next-generation combat engine for the U.S. Army Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center. The center, based in Warren, MI, oversees engineering and research for all military vehicles that need engines, from tanks and Bradley fighting vehicles to Humvees and “Class 8” vehicles that move military supplies.

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