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San Diego Life Sciences Roundup: Evoke Pharma, Isis, Otonomy, & More

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commercialize Lovidia by early 2014.

—In a separate announcement, Elcelyx said its long-acting formulation of the generic diabetes drug metformin is meeting its main goal of significantly reducing fasting blood plasma glucose among patients during the first four weeks of treatment of a mid-stage trial. Final results are expected in late October. Elcelyx said its delayed-release formulation drug candidate, dubbed NewMet, reduces nausea and vomiting that some Type 2 diabetic patients experience while on metformin.

—San Diego’s Allylix, an industrial biotechnology company, said it was named one of 15 companies to win a Defense Energy Technology Challenge by developing a renewable, high-quality, and cost-effective high density fuel comparable to JP-10, the Pentagon’s existing petroleum-based fuel standard. Allylix has developed technology to genetically engineer yeast to produce a wide range of terpene-based products. A spokeswoman for Allylix said its sustainably produced terpenes can be used directly as high density fuels or as additives to other hydrocarbons to improve the performance characteristics of a given fuel. The third annual Defense Energy Technology Challenge was managed by the Clean Technology and Sustainable Industries Organization in partnership with the U.S. Army, Navy and Air Force.

—San Diego-based Halozyme Therapeutics (NASDAQ: HALO) said the European Commission has given Roche, one of its key pharmaceutical partners, marketing authorization for … Next Page »

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