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There’s Less Pie in the Sky as Wireless Health Gets Connected

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use in corporate wellness programs, is a wearable wireless device that monitors physical activity and provides data to Web-based health information that can be customized to support, motivate, and guide each user. CEO Dave Monahan said FitLinxx has about 75 partners, including Healthrageous, National Jewish Health, and Sonic Boom.

MC-10, founded in 2009 in Cambridge, MA, makes “wearable electronics”—soft, stretchable, and conformable microchips that can be applied like Band-Aids to monitor heart rate, body temperature, brain activity, and other biometrics. “The fundamental problem we’re solving is that electronics are hard and boxy, and humans are soft and curvy,” CEO David Icke said. With wireless connectivity and continuous data analysis, MC-10’s technology can be used to provide consumers and caregivers with what Icke called “seamless sensing.”

Telcare, founded in 2008 in Bethesda, MD, developed a comprehensive system for managing diabetes that includes the first wireless glucose testing meter approved by the FDA, two-way messaging with an FDA-cleared care management center, and a suite of iPhone and Android apps that enable family members to monitor and help with the diabetes management. “We’ve probably spent $5 on FDA compliance for every $1 we spend on software development, and $3 on FDA compliance for every $1 we’ve spent on electronics and hardware development,” Telcare CEO Jonathan Javitt said.

In a related update today, TripleTree named the three winners of its 5th Annual iAwards for Connected Health. The winners were selected from 12 finalists that presented their technologies late yesterday afternoon. The categories and winners are:

—Clinical effectiveness: Healthsense, based in Mendota Heights, MN, provides monitoring services for aging seniors.

—Consumer engagement: AgaMatrix, of Salem, NH, provides wireless blood glucose testing, reminders, and data analysis.

—Operational effectiveness: CyraCom, based in Tucson, AZ, provides over-the-phone language interpretation, translation, and related services for healthcare providers.

TripleTree also named Asthmapolis as the recipient of its 2013 Horizon Award, recognizing their unique advancements in chronic disease management via connected health. Founded in 2010, the Madison, WI, startup using sensor-equipped inhalers, mobile applications, advanced analytics and feedback to help physicians identify patients who need more help controlling their asthma.

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