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Pyxis Founder Ron Taylor Joins Connect Entrepreneur Hall of Fame

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things around at Pyxis?

“I don’t think there was any sort of ‘Aha! This is it!” Taylor told the audience. “We really listened to the constituents who were our potential customers—the pharmacists and nurses.”

Taylor said he viewed the Pyxis Medstation as the healthcare industry equivalent of the automated teller machines that banks began introducing in the 1980s. At the time, Taylor added, nurses had been distributing medications to patients in hospitals in the same way for decades. “They had been doing it in a manual process for so long that they didn’t really realize that it was inefficient,” he said.

The Pyxis Medstation was originally conceived as an ATM for safely storing, dispensing, and tracking narcotics. The system proved to be so effective, however, that its use expanded to include dispensing all kinds of medications and hospital supplies. The Pyxis system modernized the medication management, streamlined workflow, reduced losses and manual errors, and transformed healthcare.

Taylor is the 11th inductee into the Connect Entrepreneur Hall of Fame. Past honorees include Qualcomm’s founding CEO Irwin Jacobs, SAIC founder J. Robert Beyster, former IDEC Pharmaceuticals CEO William Rastetter, and Hybritech CEO Ted Greene.

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