Anametrix Raises $4.4M, Unveils Web-Based B2C Marketing Analytics

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online retailing technology that raised $6.5 million in January from TVC and other investors.

In today’s statement, Mercent CEO Eric Best says the Mercent team evaluated the Anametrix digital analytics platform to help TVC assess the investment opportunity, and “were so impressed with the technology that we initiated a pilot deployment immediately.”

As Anametrix CEO Barrelet explained in a company blog earlier this year, Anametrix is a Web-based analytics platform that seeks to do for online marketing analytics what Mint does for personal finances. Instead of plugging in your checking, savings, and investment account information, Barrelet says, “you plug your Omniture, your Google Adwords, your email campaigns into us. I want Anametrix to be the ‘Mint’ of marketing.”

In a separate statement, Anametrix says its cloud-based, real-time digital analytics technology is the first to provide B2C marketers a holistic way of evaluating the performance of various online marketing initiatives. The company says its multichannel analytics can help customers optimize the effectiveness of their overall campaigns by analyzing both the general mix of marketing channels and how sales are tied to specific Web, CRM, email, ad serving, or social networking strategies.

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Blaise Barrelet

In May, Barrelet said Anametrix also makes its analytics available in different “flavors” for different users. “Programmers want to have an API. We have it,” he said. “CEOs want an email report. We have it. Analysts want to play with Excel. We have it. Other users want it on mobile. We have it. We have all these different access points to the data to support the different users.”

As I’ve previously reported, Barrelet was one of San Diego’s first dot-com millionaires. He founded San Diego’s WebSideStory in 1996. The company went public through an IPO in 2004, was acquired by Omniture in 2007, and was included in Adobe System’s 2009 acquisition of Omniture for $1.8 billion.

“More than 15 years ago, WebSideStory invented the category of cloud-based web analytics to enable marketers to analyze the emerging online channels,” Barrelet says in the company’s statement. “Now, we have reunited the core team as Anametrix, which is redefining marketing-analytics technology to address today’s real-time, multichannel challenges. Our new Campaign Analytics offering delivers data-drowned marketers an entirely new framework to quickly assess multichannel performance to achieve a direct and positive impact on revenue.”

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