San Diego Cloud Computing Startup Names Former AT&T CTO as CEO

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vice president of corporate integration and business development at San Diego-based NextWave Wireless.

In an e-mail, Caldwell writes that he worked with Senturia and Ricchiuti in the late 1990s at Atcom/Info, a San Diego startup that was eventually acquired by Cisco as CAIS Internet.

“So we are back at it again with even a stronger bench of executives,” Caldwell writes. “Both our engineering team and the resulting software is the best I have seen in my career. Ingolf and Markus actually are college friends and both earned their Ph.D.s from UT Austin. Markus studied under the famous computer scientist Edsger Dijkstra at UT Austin.

“We first added Hossein as an advisor, then chief technical advisor, and now as CEO. He is an impressive person to work with and his rich leadership background and experience will propel our new venture LonoCloud into the mainstream of cloud computing.

“Having Ingolf and Markus as two experienced computer scientists leading our engineering team has produced an impressive next generation cloud federation.”

In a phone interview, Caldwell says LonoCloud’s technology will enable both private data centers and open-source cloud service providers to join together, creating a federation of cloud service providers with a host of provisions for scalability, fault tolerance, performance management, and information privacy and security. As he puts it, “Basically we will license our software and enable a channel of cloud solution providers to build ‘bullet-proof’ clouds.”

Senturia said in a phone interview that one reason he stepped aside was because the company needed a CEO with a deep understanding of Internet architecture. As an investor, he added, “I bet on the jockey, and the team is amazing; and I bet on the problem, and it’s a huge problem.”

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  • ck209

    LONO!! what the heck is that? Either way, disregarding the looney will be interesting to see which direction this company moves in. Overall, out of all of the cloud companies right now, I think 4sync is the best, they offer 15gb of free space compared to 5gb (dropbox, googledrive,etc)