Websense Partners With Facebook, Qualcomm Shuffles Top Execs, ViaSat Satellite Set for Launch Next Week, & More San Diego BizTech News

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Comcast Ventures (NASDAQ: CMCSA) and joined by Google Ventures (NASDAQ: GOOG). Enterproid has technology that enables mobile users to divide their smartphone into separate operating systems—one for secure business communications and one for app-laden personal use.

—With the debut of its new website, San Diego-based SocialIQ said it wants to raise its Series A round from venture investors. Founded two years ago as SooVox, SocialIQ competes with better-known social influence measurement sites like Klout, and said it might have to move to the Bay Area if it can’t find needed early stage capital in San Diego.

—San Diego-based Qualcomm told Mike Freeman of The San Diego Union-Tribune that it is supporting a temporary tax holiday that could help repatriate more than $1 trillion that U.S.-based companies have been holding offshore. The wireless giant and other multinational corporations said they are holding the capital in foreign bank accounts because it would be taxed at a corporate tax rate of 35 percent if the money came home to the U.S. The temporary tax holiday proposed in a Senate bill would allow companies to repatriate foreign cash at a tax rate of 8.75 percent. Qualcomm executives have argued the capital could be better spent in the U.S. on technology innovation.

—San Diego-based ServiceNow continued its executive hiring spree as it makes its transition from fast-growth startup to an established company that provides IT management as software as a service. The company appointed Arne Josefsberg, a former Microsoft Internet executive, as its chief technology officer, a new position created to lead the company’s operations and to advance development of its data centers.

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