San Diego’s Human Engines Makes Commercial Debut with Mobile Visualization Tool

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Human Engines has assembled its diverse expertise in graphic design, software, chip development, mobile operating systems, and video gaming.

Yet even with its first commercial product, Human Engines is not targeting consumer markets. Rather, the company is selling Influx as a white label technology to smartphone and tablet makers. Influx is not software that can be installed by downloading a file, but requires some integration with the mobile device. The big selling point, Elmieh explained, is that Influx offers device makers a way to dramatically differentiate their Android-enabled mobile devices from all the other Android devices out there.

The competition in the Android market is so fierce that user experience is really the only way to differentiate devices, Elmieh says.

Human Engines says Influx already has been commercially deployed as “SocialTouch” on the Lenovo IdeaPad Tablet K1 and ThinkPad Tablet, which were introduced in late July. Both of those tablets are based on the Android 3.1 (Honeycomb) operating system.

For the time being, Elmieh says it’s only possible to install Influx on an Android-based device. Still, the technology is basically device-agnostic, and as Elmieh puts it, “There are plans for other types of devices and operating systems.”

But Human Engines has not put Apple at the top of that list, even though its iPad is the runaway market leader in mobile tablets. “While I think [Influx] would add a lot of value to iOS, we see a more significant advantage for companies that are developing their own devices,” Elmieh says.

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