Hookit Goes Mobile and Hits the Road to Build its Online Brand, Audience

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pinpoint those locations.” A key aspect of the changes has been to include the location of “Spots & Sessions” for action sports-related events and activities, which have enabled Hookit to expand its gear and apparel “brand” advertising to include local businesses, such as surf or skate shops.

“It definitely expands the size of our market because we can cater to more dollars,” Tilton says. The company has expanded its online, so local business as well as major brands can now set the parameters for Hookit’s performance-based, “pay-per-click” advertising.

To promote Hookit’s new Spots and Sessions feature, along with its new iPhone and Android mobile applications, Hookit devised a marketing road show, using an RV to visit and promote 150 skate, motocross, surf, BMX, mountain bike, and wake spots and retailers nationwide. The tour, developed with Monster Energy, began at a San Diego skate park on May 31, and is scheduled to return Sept. 15—after logging 11,000 miles.

This weekend, the Hookit-and-Monster-branded RV will be appearing in the Kansas City, MO, area before heading into Illinois. At each stop, Hookit’s roadies will host top local athletes and run contests and giveaways for action sports-minded enthusiasts to win swag from tour partners Piranha X, Osiris Shoes, GoPro Cameras, Spy Optic, and AXO USA. The roadies also will stop at local hot spots for various action sports and location-based promotions, demonstrating how local sports communities can use Hookit’s mobile apps to check-in and post photos, videos, and local athlete features to Hookit, Facebook, and Twitter.

As Tilton says, the challenge now comes down to marketing.

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