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Connect Announces Winners of 23rd Most Innovative Product Awards

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foreign object debris (FOD) on airport runways and taxiways. Such debris is a frequent cause of damage to jet aircraft engines.

—Clean Technology: San Diego-based Multispark, for PowerStar, which looks like an ordinary spark plug except for the star design at the tip. The star shape creates multiple point gaps that allow for faster starts, improved performance, lower energy consumption, and less fouling.

Connect MIP award 2010

Connect MIP award 2010

—Communications & IT: San Diego’s PCN Technology for the IP-485 networking platform, technology which enables customers to convert existing control networks and power systems to also operate as advanced digital TCP/IP networks. I profiled the company in September.

—Software: Legend 3D for its proprietary technology that converts any 2D feature film, TV program, wireless mobile content, or other digital media content to 3D with quality that often surpasses video produced by cameras designed for 3D filmmaking. I profiled the company in May.

—Hardware and General Technology: AgigA Tech, a Poway, CA-based subsidiary of Cypress Semiconductor for Agigaram, a highly reliable and economical non-volatile memory subsystem developed to meet the need for higher-density, higher-performance memory for enterprise-class applications.

—Life Sciences, Diagnostics and Research tools: San Diego’s NeuroVigil for iBrain, a non-invasive wireless brain recording technology that uses advanced computational algorithms to rapidly generate an accurate and automated reading of brain wave data. The portable, user-friendly device can be used for at-home monitoring of sleep, neurodiagnostics, and drug safety evaluations.

—Life Sciences, Medical Products: San Diego-based Zogenix for Sumavel DosePro, a needle-free subcutaneous drug delivery system for self-administration of a fast-acting therapy used to treat the symptoms of migraine headaches. I profiled the company in August.

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