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San Diego’s Top 10 Deals: Q3 VC Funding Still Strongly Favors Life Sciences

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genetic disorders, infectious diseases, cancer, and pharmacogenetics. $17.6 million. Investors: Undisclosed.

4. Zeebo, San Diego. The startup has developed a wireless game console and education system for Latin American and Asian markets. The MoneyTree Report shows that Zeebo raised $15 million, but it is more likely that Zeebo extended a previously disclosed round by $1.5 million. Existing investors include Qualcomm and Tectoy S.A. a Brazilian video-game developer.

5. Accumetrics, San Diego. Accumeterics makes an automated diagnostic device used to help doctors calibrate the dosages of commonly used anti-clotting drugs, such as aspirin and clopidogrel (Plavix). While the MoneyTree report shows the company raised $14.2 million, Accumetrics told me its most recent funding of $7 million was part of a Series E round that totaled $24 million. Investors: The BBT Fund/Apothecary Capital; Kaiser Permanente Ventures; RiverVest Venture Partners; Arnerich Massena & Associates; Essex Woodland Health Ventures.

6. Auspex Pharmaceuticals, Vista, CA. The company is developing deuterium-based analogs of clinically validated drugs in multiple therapeutic areas. MoneyTree reports that Auspex raised $13.8 million, although it is likely an extension of a $12 million round we reported in July. Existing investors include Thomas McNerney & Partners, CMEA Ventures, and Costa Verde Capital.

7. Cylene Pharmaceuticals, San Diego. The biotech is developing an oral drug for multiple myeloma. Funding for the $12 million round came from Sanderling Ventures, HBM BioVentures (Cayman), Novartis BioVenture Fund, BioVentures Investors, Lilly Ventures, Mitsui & Co., and Morningside Venture Investments.

8. Cebix, San Diego. The biotech is developing a human proinsulin C-peptide as a supplemental treatment for complications from type 1 diabetes. MoneyTree reports $11.7 million in venture funding. Existing investors include Sofinnova Ventures, InterWest Partners, Thomas McNerney & Partners.

9. Verve Wireless, Encinitas, CA. The startup has developed Web-based technology that enables newspapers and other media customers to distribute news and advertisements to mobile devices. $7 million. Investors include BlueRun Ventures and The Associated Press.

10. Fallbrook Technologies, San Diego. Fallbrook has been developing a continuously variable transmission that promises improved energy efficiency in electric vehicles and other modes of transportation. $6 million. Existing investors include Robeco of The Netherlands, NGEN Partners, and angel investors.

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