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Healthcare Venture Investment Deals Climbing Back, Halozyme Sells Its Diagnostics Business, Dry Lab Biotechs Cluster in Carmel Valley, & More San Diego Life Sciences News

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shifted as the business model has shifted toward the lean virtual company model. With biotechs outsourcing more and more of their research and development to clinical research organizations and others, he found a mini-cluster of more than a dozen biotechs that have no wet labs in the High Bluff Drive neighborhood of Carmel Valley.

—San Diego’s Halozyme Therapeutics (NASDAQ: HALO) is restructuring its business to concentrate on three experimental drugs still in the pipeline, a strategic move that requires the company to lay off about 30 employees, or 25 percent of its workforce.

Aneesh Chopra, the nation’s first federal chief technology officer, talked about health IT and entrepreneurship in a speech last week in the San Francisco Bay Area. Chopra also talked to Xconomy San Francisco Editor Wade Roush about health IT, how entrepreneurs can benefit from government data sharing, and incentive prizes.

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