ESRI Launches Open Website for Mapping, Verenium Sells Cellulosic Biofuels Biz, MindTouch Unveils Improved Platform, & More San Diego BizTech News

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website, Now people with relatively low expertise and no cartography-specific skills can produce GIS-referenced maps that can be shared.

ESRI also launched a free GIS application for the Apple iPhone and iPad, and soon began racking up tens of thousands of downloads from the online Apple Store. ESRI product manager David Cardella told me ESRI also is developing mobile GIS apps for Android Windows 7 Mobile.

—San Diego-based MindTouch launched a new version of its collaborative application development platform. The four-year-old software startup says its MindTouch 2010 business collaboration platform was specifically designed to enable product and service documentation created for online content to be used to help companies generate revenue while also reducing their costs.

—The U.S. Forest Service approved a 19-mile route through the Cleveland National Forest for the Sunrise Powerlink, allowing construction to begin on the 119-mile high-voltage power line between San Diego and El Centro, CA. When completed in 2012, the $1.9 billion transmission line will connect the San Diego power grid with at least 1,000 megawatts of renewable energy plants under development in the Imperial County desert, according to San Diego Gas & Electric.

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