ESRI Releases Apple Map App, Reveals “19.20.21 Project” as Annual Conference Begins

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in cities…We’ve become a world of cities.” And as he explained it to me, his concept for the 19.20.21 project is to create a free website where detailed, extensive, and standardized data—including graphics, maps, videos, and links—will allow users to compare Los Angeles and New York with the world’s 17 other most-densely populated cities. “So the idea is to paint a new definition of the world,” Wurman said.

To help with that definition—and with a myriad of other projects—the ESRI conference includes plenty of sessions about new software tools and other innovations. Some of the highlights that I gleaned from the agenda for the event, which continues through Friday at the San Diego Convention Center:

—Creating virtual cities in 3D, which includes an overview of the primary steps to follow using the latest version of ESRI’s GIS software, including data preparation, authoring the 3D view, publishing the view, and using the 3D viewing application.

—Census 2010 and the data user. ESRI’s Lynn Wombold discusses what to expect and what not to expect in the data being generated by the 2010 Census.

—Using GIS in business, including a session on innovative approaches to advanced decision-making (“Learn how others are building better analytical methodologies and workforce strategies to deliver success in today’s time-critical marketplace.”) Other sessions include using GIS logistics in business, optimizing business territories and districts using ESRI’s business analyst software, leveraging GIS to enhance telecom operations, and a session for “geo-marketers” on how a novel Location Based Services (LBS) platform and mobile location information can be used to target customers.

—A “lightning” session scheduled for late this afternoon includes five-minute presentations on using GIS technology in applications for augmented reality, feeding the city, mapping “Clean the Bay Day,” and to assemble a solar roof cadastre. (I had to look it up. A cadastre is an official register of real estate listings, usually used for property taxation.)

—The agenda also includes technical workshops, such as a session in which ESRI’s Marwa Mabrouk explains how to build a GIS application in the Amazon cloud using ESRI’s GIS software. Another technical session explains how the updated desktop software can be used for accessing and sharing maps and data, as well as editing and mapping workflow.

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