Startup Automaker Aptera Gets Back in Gear, Streaming Video Companies Vie for Attention, MeLLmo Gets Better at Mobile Graphics, & More San Diego BizTech News

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its Sorenson 360 online video platform, already have been optimized for Apple’s iPad.

— In another corner of Las Vegas, MeLLmo of Del Mar, CA, announced the launch of Roambi ES3, an improved version of its enterprise server and its business-intelligence systems software which converts data into dazzling graphic displays for mobile devices. This is the product that generates MeLLmo’s revenue.

—With health IT and bioinformatics blossoming in San Diego, Denise talked with Paul A. Rejto, a physical and theoretical chemist who now works for Pfizer in San Diego as director of computational biology in oncology research. He said the Pfizer Oncology Research Unit is using computational biology to identify potential targets for cancer drugs and to identify which patients would respond best to specific cancer drugs.

VC firms invested $5.9 billion in 731 deals nationwide during the first quarter, according to the CB Insights Venture Capital Activity Report, a survey prepared by the New York firm previously known as ChubbyBrain. By coincidence, a search for recent fund-raising among San Diego-based technology companies found that TweetPhoto has raised $2.6 million in a Series A round. Sotera Wireless, a heart-monitoring startup previously known as Triage Wireless, also raised $10.7 million.

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