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The X Lists Debut: San Diego’s Online Reference Library for Innovators and Entrepreneurs

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the co-working spaces (I didn’t know about the Hive or digital-telepathy), the legal firms that specialize in technology startups, as well as major events and innovation organizations, where peer-to-peer networking means talking with another person face-to-face. Of course, don’t forget to look near the bottom of the Xconomy home page or here for scheduled monthly events.

Under “Jobs & Employment” we feature links to local job listings in various technology sectors, and for the analytically minded, we’ve got links to Xconomy stories assessing the deals, data, and the viability of life sciences companies, local technology clusters, and our innovation maps.

As an aside, readers may not realize that the Xconomy San Diego website itself is fully searchable. If you are looking for a past story you read or information on a technology, a particular startup, or background on a venture firm, you can not only find what’s been written in San Diego about it, but anything published on Xconomy’s other websites.

Finally, aside from these very handy sources and references, the X Lists home page includes a live feed of Twitter posts from dozens of people and organizations in San Diego’s technology, startup, and investing communities. So we’re also collecting all those relevant tweets for you in one place—like birds on a wire—and providing one more reason why Xconomy should be your main source for the whole spectrum of tech news and information in San Diego.

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    excellent resource– nice work!