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Cleantech Recylcer EcoATM Among Winners of San Diego’s “Most Innovative Products” Awards

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accept the exchange offer.) EcoATM, which has been forming partnerships with consumer electronics manufacturers and retailers, estimates that 1 billion used phones are languishing in closets and drawers—at a total value that could be as much as $12.2 billion.

Connect announced ecoATM’s award at a luncheon ceremony today, along with winners in seven other categories of the group’s 22nd annual “MIP” Most Innovative Products awards. The organization previously named the unmanned Predator military surveillance aircraft developed by San Diego-based General Atomics Aeronautical Systems as the recipient of this year’s William W. Otterson Award. The winners are:

Hardware and General Technology: Cymer for the XLR 600ix, the latest version of the specialized laser maker’s cabinet-sized deep ultraviolet light sources, which are part of the photolithography process used by the semiconductor industry to create integrated circuit patterns on silicon wafers. Cymer says its XLR 600ix enables 32 nanometer double patterning, and beyond.

Life Science-Medical Diagnostics and Research Tools: Naviscan for its Stereo Navigator Breast Biopsy Accessory. The medical diagnostics company specializes in PET scanner technology that includes advanced photonics and image processing to provide high-resolution images of abnormal tissue in breasts and small body parts.

Life Science-Medical Products: SynergEyes for ClearKone. The Carlsbad, CA, startup founded in 2001 develops hybrid contact lenses that combine the superior visual acuity of a rigid gas permeable lens with the comfort of a soft contact lens.

Software: Verance Corp. for Cinavia. Verance specializes in proprietary technologies and software designed to enhance media content and protect copyrighted material through digital “watermarks” for recorded music, film, and television content. Its Cinavia software was developed for Blu-ray formatted devices.

Communications & IT: Nextivity for Cel-Fi. Nextivity specializes in self-configuring, environmentally aware technology to optimize wireless 3G transmissions and reception. Its Cel-Fi product is intended to “light up” the interior of a house with significantly enhanced signal levels.

Aerospace and Security Technologies: Intevac Photonics for Night Port. A subsidiary of Santa Clara, CA-based Intevac, Intevac Photonics specializes in extreme low-light imaging technologies, including cameras, systems, and sensors for both military and commercial customers.

Action and Sport Technologies: Neptunic Technologies for its Neptech mesh protective material used to make the company’s Sharksuits for scuba divers.

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  • Jake

    Cool. How about a bigger box for obsolete laptops?

  • Mark

    Jake, I work for ecoATM. Our system will handle PC, laptops, and other big CE devices in a future generation (2011). The machine will process and pay for those but won’t bin them inside the machine. Instead, ecoATM will print a reciept and asset tag to attach to the device and the store will physically handle these devices through the customer service desk or the like.