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Dude! San Diego’s Connect Gives Surf Board Maker (And 8 Others) Technology Award

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developed by Firewire Surfboards. The design features carbon composite rods inserted near the surfboard’s rail, or edges, to enhance deep, carving turns. Connect introduced the action sports category last year to recognize the rapidly expanding cluster of recreational sports companies in the region.

—Aerospace and Security Technologies: A tie between the Vue Personal Video Network developed by wireless sensor company Avaak with funding from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and Office of Naval Research; and the Sky Warrior, a new version of the Predator robotic spy plane, armed with four Hellfire anti-tank missiles, that was developed for the U.S. Army by General Atomics, a privately held government contractor.

—Clean Technology: Energico, a complex software simulation program, developed by Reaction Design specifically to help industrial, chemical, and combustion engineers solve complex problems in gas-turbine engine design.

—Hardware and General Technology: Cipher Module, a magnetic stripe card reader developed by Semtek to help prevent credit card fraud at the retailer’s point of sale.

—Life Science, Design and Research Tools: Ski Pro, a machine that analyzes biomolecular interactions that was developed by Silicon Kinetics, a small company with 12 people, for biotech researchers.

—Life Science, Medical Products: The Catheter Ablation System developed by Ablation Frontiers, which is used to treat areas of heart tissue subject to atrial fibrillation, or irregular heartbeat.

—Software and IT: Taaz.com, a free Web site developed by Photometrica that enables anyone to upload their mug shot and perform a “virtual makeover” using the registered colors and shades of Revlon, Sephora and other cosmetic companies.

—Wireless Communications: Awarded to the PortaBella broadband network appliance developed by Mushroom Networks for cost-effective connectivity between a host office and mobile locations.

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  • Sounds like a great event. Wish I were on the west coast.

  • dramaherald

    Would several random blinking large red LED’s beneath a board attract or discourage jaws?