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Xconomy Storms NYC: Top Ten Topics in the Big Apple in 2011

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in droves. But the company is preparing to launch the product in Europe—a move its management team hopes will signal the beginning of a turnaround.

5. Everyday Health
This online aggregator of popular health brands—ranging from What to Expect to South Beach Diet—is expanding big time into social media, apps, and television. With over $100 million in annual revenues, this company is gunning to become the next big health-information media brand.

4. MongoDB Wizards
Xconomy takes a look at the plethora of companies building “NoSQL” databases, including New York and Redwood Shores, CA-based 10gen, which has raised $31 million in venture capital since September.

3. Cyclacel
Berkeley Heights, NJ-based Cyclacel (NASDAQ: CYCC) is developing a drug to treat acute myeloid leukemia. But the company has struggled and investors are losing patience: Its share price has fallen from $1.63 when we ran our story in May to 48 cents.

2. Steve Jobs
Xconomy welcomes contributions from guest writers, and healthcare analyst Christopher Bowe clearly hit a nerve in the days following Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ passing with his piece for our Xconomist Forum, “The Essential Steve Jobs for Today’s Pharmaceutical Executive.” Bowe argues that pharma CEOs could learn a thing or two about innovation from Jobs’ time at Apple.

1. Merck
Yes it’s true, three stories about drug giant Merck (NYSE: MRK) attracted more traffic than any other posts on Xconomy New York this year. Readers were clearly interested in the Whitehouse Station, NJ-based company’s plans to increase shareholder value with a variety of strategies, ranging from pursuing biosimilars to launching an all-out attack on Alzheimer’s disease.

Judging from our readers’ choices in our first year online, it seems fair to say the future of innovation rests on everyone’s shoulders—from established players like Merck to upstarts like IncubateNYC. Watch this space in 2012 for more great stories about invention, inspiration, and ingenuity in and around the Big Apple.

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