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MD Revolution Offers Blueprint for “Health Management” Practice

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experienced statistically significant improvements in resting metabolism, body fat, visceral fat reduction, and improvements in cardiorespiratory fitness.” Damani says the latest scientific research shows these are the most important drivers of chronic cardiovascular diseases.

At MD Revolution, he says, “We have not just built a delivery model. We’ve built a business model for a new paradigm in health care.”

Damani anticipates franchising MD Revolution throughout the country, and tells me, “I see this as a Starbucks model for health care.” But Saltman also says a more practical market may be large companies and health care systems that are self-insured—and therefore keenly interested in reducing their soaring employee health costs.

“With the changes under the Affordable Care Act, it became very cost-effective for physicians to keep their patient population as healthy as possible,” Saltman says. So far, MD Revolution counts 250 individual patients in its pilot practice in San Diego, along such corporate clients as Pharmatek and Sharp Healthcare, the San Diego nonprofit regional health care system with more than 14,000 employees and $2.7 billion in revenue last year.

That seems like a good start, although Damani says, “We expect to have 100,000 patients under management by 2017.”

MD Revolution clinic in La Jolla

MD Revolution clinic in La Jolla

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