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MD Revolution Offers Blueprint for “Health Management” Practice

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doctors and other high net-worth individual investors, according to Camille Saltman, who joined MD Revolution in January as president and chief operating officer. She was previously president of Connect, the nonprofit group that supports technology innovation and entrepreneurship in San Diego.

“Unlike many early stage companies, we have revenues from patients, which has enabled us to reduce our burn rate and lessened the need to raise larger amounts of capital,” Saltman says. In pioneering its clinical practice in La Jolla, Saltman says MD Revolution also was able to keep it’s costs down by applying software developed for the practice to the design of the software platform.

Damani is set to unveil the new software platform, dubbed RevUp, in a scheduled presentation today at the Digital Health Summit in New York. The company describes RevUp as the first Web-based software platform to aggregate mobile tracking tools, genetic and metabolic assessments, and personalized coaching for employee groups, health systems, and physician practices.

Rev Up logoIn a statement, MD Revolution says, “The system creates a personalized diet and exercise regime for each individual based on health status and goals.” A team that includes two nurse practitioners, nutritionist, and exercise physiologist track each patient’s progress. Each patient can view their own personal health profile online as well—and those who lapse in their workout routine get a call from the MD Revolution team.

By collecting and monitoring such data, RevUp says it can provide the kind of information that employers need to win discounts on medical benefits and other new incentives that are being offered under the federal Affordable Care Act.

The company asserts that over 90 percent of the patients enrolled at MD Revolution “have … Next Page »

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