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Who Will Survive the Biotech VC Downturn? The Young and the Proven

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Amir Nashat
General Partner, Polaris Venture Partners
Age: 39
Avila Therapeutics (acquired by Celgene)
Adnexus Therapeutics (acquired by Bristol-Myers Squibb)
Athenix (acquired by Bayer)

Bob Nelsen [Updated 12/10/12]
Co-founder and managing director, ARCH Venture Partners
Age: 49
deCode Genetics (acquired by Amgen) [Added: 12/10/12]
Illumina (NASDAQ: ILMN)
Alnylam Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: ALNY)
Aviron (acquired by MedImmune)
Array Biopharma (NASDAQ: ARRY)
Ikaria (exit achieved through private financing/dividend payment)
Caliper Life Sciences (acquired by PerkinElmer)
Kythera Biopharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: KYTH)
Xenoport (NASDAQ: XNPT)
Trubion Pharmaceuticals (acquired by Emergent BioSolutions)
Adolor (acquired by Cubist Pharmaceuticals)
Genomica (acquired by Exelixis)
Idun Pharmaceuticals (acquired by Pfizer)

Brendan O’ Leary [Added:11:40 am ET]
General Partner, Prism VentureWorks
Age: 40
BioRexis Pharmaceuticals (acquired by Pfizer)
Serica (acquired by Allergan)
Atritech (acquired by Boston Scientific)
Trius Therapeutics (Nasdaq: TSRX)

Adele Oliva
Partner, Quaker Partners
Age: 45
Prometheus Laboratories (acquired by Nestle)
Ascent Healthcare Solutions (acquired by Stryker)
ESP Pharma (acquired by PDL Biopharma)
Esprit Pharma (acquired by Allergan)

Deepa Pakianathan [Updated:3:10 pm ET]
General Partner, Delphi Ventures
Age: 47
Seattle Genetics (NASDAQ: SGEN)
Proteolix (acquired by Onyx Pharmaceuticals)
Ilypsa (acquired by Amgen)
Salmedix (acquired by Cephalon)
KAI Pharmaceuticals (acquired by Amgen)
Alexza Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: ALXA)

Bryan Roberts
Partner, Venrock Associates
Age: 45
Ironwood Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: IRWD)
Illumina (NASDAQ: ILMN)
AthenaHealth (NASDAQ: ATHN)
Xenoport (NASDAQ: XNPT)
Ikaria (shareholder dividend payment)
Sirna Therapeutics (acquired by Merck)
Corderyte (acquired by 3M)
Zeltiq Aesthetics (NASDAQ: ZLTQ)
Ensure Medical (acquired by Johnson & Johnson)

Bijan Salehizadeh
Co-founder and managing director, NaviMed Capital Advisors
Age: 39
Hyperion Therapeutics (NASDAQ: HPTX)
Barrx Medical (acquired by Covidien)
Conor Medsystems (acquired by Johnson & Johnson)

Camille Samuels*Samuels plans to stay in venture capital, but half time vs. full-time is still to be determined.
Managing director, Versant Ventures
Age: 41
Kythera Biopharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: KYTH)
Novacardia (acquired by Merck)
ParAllele Bioscience (acquired by Affymetrix)

David Schnell
Co-founder and managing director, Prospect Venture Partners
Age: 52
Gloucester Pharmaceuticals (acquired by Celgene)
Rinat Neurosciences (acquired by Pfizer)
Amira Pharmaceuticals (acquired by Bristol-Myers Squibb)
Kythera Biopharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: KYTH)
Trubion Pharmaceuticals (acquired by Emergent BioSolutions)
Neurocrine Biosciences (NASDAQ: NBIX)

Andy Schwab [Added:4:20 pm ET]
Co-founder and Managing Partner, 5AM Ventures
Age: 41
Ilypsa (acquired by Amgen)
Panomics (acquired by Affymetrix)
Ikaria (shareholder dividend)
Synosia (acquired by Biotie)

Jonathan Silverstein [Added: 11:15 am ET]
Partner, OrbiMed Advisors
Age: 45
Adiana (acquired by Cytic)
Bioenvision (acquired by Genzyme)
Cerexa (acquired by Forest)
Enobia (acquired by Alexion)
Given Imaging ((NASDAQ: GIVN)
Insulet (NASDAQ: PODD)
Intercept (NASDAQ: INCP)
LifeCell (acquired by Kinetic Concepts)
Peninsula Pharmaceuticals (acquired by JNJ)
SuperDimension (acquired by Covidien)

Risa Stack
Partner, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers
Age: 43
Trius Therapeutics (NASDAQ: TSRX)
Pacific Biosciences (NASDAQ: PACB)
Corthera (acquired by Novartis)

Jamie Topper
General partner, Frazier Healthcare Ventures
Age: 50
Calistoga Pharmaceuticals (acquired by Gilead Sciences)
Alnara Pharmaceuticals (acquired by Eli Lilly)
CoTherix (acquired by Actelion)

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