10 Indispensable Apps for the Back-to-School Season

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8. The Sonnets by William Shakespeare The sonnets of Shakespeare probably weren’t written to be performed—at least, not in the same way as the plays—but it’s hard for modern audiences to grasp these strange poems just by reading them. That’s why this new app from Touch Press (maker of quite a few other great iPad titles) is so amazing. It includes specially filmed performances of all 154 sonnets, as read by famous British thespians like Stephen Fry, Patrick Stewart, Kim Cattrall, Oliver Ford Davies, and Fiona Shaw. There’s also a wheelbarrow-full of interpretive and critical essays, and a facsimile of the 1609 Quarto, the first published version of the sonnets. For English Literature students, this app blows the static texts out of the water.

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