10 Apps & Sites That Bring Back the Joy of Reading

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9. Give Me Something To Read

A sister site to Instapaper, Give Me Something To Read is a curated collection of the most interesting articles being saved by Instapaper users. The site is edited by Richard Dunlop-Walters, a Brit who specializes in outsourced customer support and editorial services for independent developers like Arment.

The site is similar in spirit to Longform.org and Longreads. The main difference is that it’s specific to Instapaper. The highlighted articles are drawn from the flow of things Instapaper users are reading, and if you find something you like there, you can only save it to Instapaper.

Give Me Something To Read doubles as the content-suggestion feature inside the Instapaper mobile app—just click the “Editors” button and you’ll see all of the recent selections from GMSTR, pre-formatted for reading in the app.

Last site: Longreads.

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  • Joy, clarity and excitement I thank you to make me feel
    Reading deep within your verses disguised in sentences
    Trembling I can still feel the tremors and the aftershocks
    So intense yet recomforting to assure metaphoric guidance
    Testimony the Light is bright today and reflects the entrance
    Of an enchanted future opening the pathway to the existence
    Of man life on Earth the universal wonder of Love and romance
    Fortunate I will be to capture its metaphysical awe of significance
    Free of worry I am pushing away the darkest faces of Life sentences
    Hunger, thirst, loneliness only were the blur of the abusive obstinence
    But not another word about this as it time to rise again always in advance
    Aware we are all connected to a magnetic power of each other audiences
    Clearing off the air of a sweet home protected with electronic clairevoyance..