Who Are You? Part 2: Gender and Education Backgrounds of Venture-Backed Internet Startups

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California (11 percent), Pennsylvania (9 percent), Massachusetts (8 percent), and Illinois (4 percent). About 5 percent of the founders were educated in India. The report also shows the top 13 undergraduate schools, led by Cornell and Stanford, which each had 11 college graduates among the startup founders. The Ivy League and schools with strong engineering programs also are well-represented. But all 13 of the top undergraduate schools account for 79 founders, or less than half of the 165 founders surveyed—which means there is a long tail of schools that the other 86 attended (assuming that they even graduated from college).

Undergraduate education

Undergraduate education

—Nearly half of the founders with graduate degrees attended universities in just two states, Massachusetts (24 percent) and California (21 percent). Harvard—primarily MBA graduates—tops the list of graduate schools, with 17 graduates among the … Next Page »

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