Who Are You? Part 2: Gender and Education Backgrounds of Venture-Backed Internet Startups

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our algorithm, we employed human tagging,” i.e. human editors examining photos for gender.

Here’s some additional breakout highlights on the demographics of the early stage Internet startup founders who raised venture capital during the first half of 2010:

—Of the biggest three states in terms of venture capital funding (California, Massachusetts, and New York), the commonwealth that Louisa May Alcott, Susan B. Anthony, and Elena Kagan have all called home shows the highest proportion of female founders (27 percent). Massachusetts also sees the most all-female founding teams (31 percent), although it’s noteworthy that mixed gender teams in California and Massachusetts raised a higher median level of venture funding ($4.2M and $3.3M, respectively) than all-women founders. In New York, however, all-female founding teams raised median funding of $4.5 million, more than New York’s combined total for mixed teams or all-male founders.

Gender and median funding

Gender and median funding

—Of the venture founders surveyed, nearly half, as I mentioned earlier, came from one of five states. Some 15 percent attended undergraduate school in New York. The other top U.S. locations for undergraduate education were … Next Page »

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