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Q3 Venture Deals Regain Some Lost Altitude, With $6B Invested Nationwide

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San Francisco and New York. Cambridge, MA, was seventh, with 15 deals involving $193 million. Eight of the top 10 cities with the most third-quarter venture deals were in California.


Cambridge, MA, saw more investments in venture-backed healthcare technologies than any other city, with nine deals totaling $169 million. San Diego ranked second, with $151 million invested in 15 deals. Seattle ranked seventh, with $62 million invested in five deals.

Elsewhere on Xconomy’s turf, the highlights include:

—Massachusetts: Venture investments in Massachusetts companies totaled $596 million, a 26 percent increase over the prior quarter that outpaced the national average. About one-third (34 percent) of the VC deals in Massachusetts were in the Internet sector, and 29 percent were in healthcare. On the other hand, healthcare got 52 percent of the capital. In Massachusetts: Cambridge had 15 deals totaling $193 million; Burlington saw 6 deals for $75 million; Waltham, MA, had 7 deals for $57 million; and Boston firms saw 9 deals totaling $38 million.

—Washington state: Washington experienced a sharp drop in quarter-over-quarter VC funding, to $144 million during the third quarter from nearly $275 million in the second quarter. And one deal—a $50 million investment in Calypso Medical—accounts for more than a third of Washington’s third-quarter total. Other big deals included $14 million for Apptio and $13 million for VoiceBox Technologies.

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