Costello’s A.I.-Driven Software Aims to Improve Sales Rep Performance

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they have on staff. Dale says that Costello launched with “customers in hand” after spending five months earlier this year refining the software and incorporating user feedback into the final product. The company officially went live last week with $1 million in venture backing from Dundee Venture Capital, Elevate Ventures, M25 Group, and Service Provider Capital.

The eight-person Costello team plans to spend the rest of the year acquiring customers before adding staff in 2018. Dale is optimistic about the company’s future given the potential size of the market, adding that companies currently spend roughly $12 billion each year on sales enablement technology.

“What’s personally rewarding is watching people be better at their jobs,” Dale says. “At most companies, maybe 20 percent of the salespeople are naturally gifted, and they tend to carry the team. Half the team is usually inconsistent. Sales reps want to be good, and could be good, but they need help. It amazes me that people haven’t already tried to do this.”

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