“Top of Rockies” Honors Xconomy’s Davidson with 2 First Place Awards

We’re proud to report this morning that one of our own has added his name to the summit log in the “Top of the Rockies” journalism competition awards, a program organized by the Colorado Pro Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists.

Michael Davidson, who joined Xconomy just over a year ago as editor of Xconomy Boulder Denver, was recognized for his work in two separate categories of business reporting in all online publications–winning the top prize in both categories.

Mike received a first-place award in business enterprise reporting for one of his first lengthy takeouts: Scaling the Peak: Denver Out to Follow Boulder’s Entrepreneurial Ascent. The judges commented that it was an interesting look at Denver’s ecosystem for startups and entrepreneurs, and the comparison to Boulder’s successes “was really helpful in showing where Denver has to go.”

Mike also received a first-place award in general business reporting for New World of Crowdfunding Waits as SEC Struggles to Complete its Job, a story that marked the first anniversary of the Jumpstart Our Startup Businesses, or JOBS Act.

The awards were bestowed Friday evening at the Denver Press Club. The local chapter oversees the annual awards program for journalists in four states—Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, and Wyoming—and were judged this year by Society of Professional Journalists panels in San Diego and Hawaii.


Bruce V. Bigelow is the editor of Xconomy San Diego. You can e-mail him at bbigelow@xconomy.com or call (619) 669-8788 Follow @bvbigelow

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