Veering Off Topic With General Catalyst’s Larry Bohn

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you really are on your own, managing your own business, and your hustle and service orientation really determine your income. No one tells you what to do. It’s very entrepreneurial.

X: How do you relax outside of work when you want to tune the noise out for a little while?

LB: I like to bike. I’m a big biker. I like to do the PMC, which is big—the Pan-Mass Challenge in August. It’s a 180-mile ride. It’s a fundraiser for [the] Dana-Farber [Cancer Institute]. It’s the biggest sports fundraiser in the world. In two days, it raises $40 million. It’s a really great thing. My partner [David Fialkow] is actually the chairman of the PMC. I’ve been doing it for 17 years; he’s been doing it for 30.

I play a little bit of golf, not a lot. I read. I don’t watch much TV or movies. I cook.

X: What’s your favorite dish that you like to cook?

LB: My favorite dish that I like to cook in the summertime is bruschetta. … And then in the winter, I’m an expert at making macaroni and cheese.

X: From scratch, or do you do Kraft?

LB: Oh no, totally from scratch. I put a lot of stuff in it—put a lot of vegetables in it, bacon. I have my own recipe for it.

X: What’s the most embarrassing thing about yourself that you’re willing to admit publicly?

LB: I’m alien to popular culture. … So, for example, the whole gaming industry—zero, [I] know nothing about it. The last computer game I played was Pong. I’m so out of touch that way.

Even sports teams—I know very little. I can name four people on the Patriots. I can name no one on the Red Sox, no one on the Celtics. I like sports, but I always liked to participate as opposed to watch.

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