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Promedior Joins Ranks of Woman-Helmed Biotechs in Massachusetts

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gets stuck, and scar tissue proliferates uncontrollably in a tissue or organ, to the point where it malfunctions. Fibrosis is implicated in a number of diseases, common and uncommon, but Promedior is focusing on some of the rarest conditions resulting from a scarring process run amok.

Promedior recently completed a Phase Ib clinical study of its lead drug candidate, PRM-151, for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, a form of severe lung scarring that can only be treated with a lung transplant; the company expects to publish the results in 2013. Bruhn says Promedior also plans to start a trial of the drug in myelofibrosis, scarring in the bone marrow that leads to severe anemia, during the first half of next year.

Promedior is well set financially, she says, having raised $24.5 million in equity funding this year. In total Promedior has raised $65 million, and its investors include Shire, her former employer. Bruhn says that, with the move completed, she is eager to move forward with what she considers Promedior’s “disruptive innovation.” Almost as disruptive as being a woman at the top.

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