Shawn Broderick, Now at Murfie, Says Innovation in Digital Music Is Only Beginning

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we’re working hard this summer on improvements to our CD buying/selling/trading infrastructure—and on getting our streaming product finished up and out of ‘beta.’ Behind the scenes we’re working on taking Murfie to the next level, leveraging our established infrastructure and business model—as well as others’ infrastructures—to bring compelling network effects to everybody’s music collections!

X: Can you explain a bit more about what Murfie does to be that emotional outlet for music, and make it personal beyond playlists and all that?
SB: Ah, but then I’d have to kill you. That’s the cool stuff we’re working on!

X: What lessons from mobile gaming can be applied to your new gig at a digital music startup? What are you excited about contributing to Murfie?
SB: Casual games are one part “a game” and one part “customer engagement.” Murfie isn’t getting into the games business (AFAIK!), but we certainly are actively involved in customer engagement. I’ve already started bringing to bear my experience in building consumer bases and leveraging same within Murfie.

X: Did you ever imagine you’d be working for a TechStars Boston alum, back when you were managing director of the program?
SB: LOL—no I didn’t. Each TechStars cohort always has great companies, but each cohort also has one or two truly special companies IME/IMO. Murfie was one of those truly special businesses with amazing people, an innovative, proven business model, tremendous traction, and a superb vision. All that said, I was way impressed with them before they joined TechStars.

X: What’s left of the original play140 now? How has the integration with Oomba worked?
SB: play140’s lead game TAG: The Acronym Game continues to run. The engineering team is working on some great virtual property technologies that will be backed into the play140 games when it’s ready. It was a seamless exercise—no drama (sorrry!).

X: What will your role as an advisor there look like?
SB: I’m working with the executive team at Oomba on an ad-hoc basis—whenever they need me—helping out primarily with fundraising processes and business development efforts.

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