Kyruus Takes Big Data Approach to Identify Qualified Physicians

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tools to leverage big data approaches to provide a better user experience.” So instead of picking the first one on the list, patients could navigate their network by understanding which doctor is the best one for meeting their needs.

Kyruus could also help pharmaceutical companies identify which doctors are best to work on new drug development or leading clinical trials. It does this not just by tracking historically successful researchers, but also by predicting which doctors are the next big thing in their field.

“Organizations can form relationships early on with primary hot target individuals before they pop,” Yoo says.

Kyruus launched its technology commercially less than a year ago, and already has a number of “high-profile paying customers,” particularly in the Boston area, Yoo says. She didn’t name specific names.

The company has hired about 30 people and is recruiting “aggressively,” with a big focus on user experience designers, Yoo says. “There are big opportunities in healthcare to provide tools that look nice,” she adds.

You can hear more from Yoo at our XSITE conference at Babson College on June 14. She’ll be sitting on an afternoon breakout panel alongside other local entrepreneurs looking to use information technology to improve healthcare.

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