Par8o, from Sermo Founders, Aims to be Patient-Physician Matchmakers

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Sermo and Par8o, saying only that, “we came up with a structure that made sense to everyone.”

What he did say is that all of the Sermo people who were working on the Par8o project within the company walls have joined the new spinoff, and that Par8o’s headcount runs between six and 14 people, depending on how you count contractors.

Par8o has been heavily testing and validating its software, and we can expect to see it released in the next few months, said Palestrant. The company is also assessing its funding options among a list of potential suitors, and we can expect to hear more on that in the future, he said.

Meanwhile, what’s happening with the leadership at Sermo now that its CEO and chief medical officer are off on their new adventure? Sermo vice president of marketing Jon Michaeli was also pretty quiet on the specifics, but said that Sermo will announce a new program sometime this week “that will soften the blow and really give us the opportunity to spread the leadership on the medical side amongst multiple constituents.” He wouldn’t say more on what’s happening with the open CEO slot, though he did indicate that Rich Westelman, Sermo’s current COO, is running the day-to-day operations of the company with the help of the executive team. [Paragraph updated to add detail about COO Rich Westelman’s current role].

In the meantime, we’ll have to keep our eyes out on Par8o and how its patient-doctor matchmaking plays a part in the healthcare system.

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  • Sophie Anderson

    Well this is a surprise never have i even heard of physician-patient matchmakers.
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