RentPrefs, With Matchmaking Approach to Apartment Rentals, Rolls Out Beta Service

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plug those services into its technology to speed up the process of connecting renters with the right listings. The company has already reached out to YouGotListings for that purpose, Boyes-Watson says.

For now, realtors check in and manually match up renter preferences with their listings. The whole process shouldn’t take more than a day, Boyes-Watson says. The hope is to connect the RentPrefs platform with the services that house listings inventory.

RentPrefs launched its service early last week, and had been generating interest prior to that by advertising on…Craigslist. The team posts ads under different apartment price points that link users to their site and preferences surveys. The startup has a few full-timers and outsources development to Cambridge firm SetFive.

For now, the RentPrefs beta service is focusing on rentals in Cambridge, but as renters come to the site (they hope) and indicate where they’re looking, the service will expand to realtors in other neighborhoods, Boyes-Watson says. The company is currently bootstrapped, but will shortly start its shopping for funding, he says.

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  • It sounds like it would be great software for a property management company as well. The only hard part is even though some may meet all their needs on paper, there’s always a chance that they will feel differently once they walk through. Still, I think it’s best to cut down the margin for error.