The m-Qube Mafia: Mobile Execs Lead Efforts at BuyWithMe, Clovr Media, Paydiant, and More

Silicon Valley has the PayPal mafia. Seattle has the Qpass mafia. Boston, for its part, has many interesting and influential tech company/family trees—DEC, PTC, and iRobot come to mind—but one of the more underrated ones is the m-Qube mafia.

For those who don’t know, m-Qube is the Boston-area mobile marketing and applications company that started in 2001 and was bought by VeriSign for $250 million in 2006. That deal was the first of a series of big mobile software acquisitions around town in the past five years—including Third Screen Media, Enpocket, Quattro Wireless, and most recently, Where (bought by eBay/PayPal last week).

The executives from m-Qube have gone on to lead companies like Quattro, Turbine, Unbound Commerce, and a few new projects around town and around the country. So let’s do a “where are they now” for the m-Qube mafia—or at least the ones we could track down. (This is a work in progress, so please send additions and we’ll update it.)

After compiling this list, I saw that BostInnovation published a similar piece last fall. The table below includes a few updates and additions to that list.

Employee Role at m-Qube Current position
Lars Albright VP, Business Development Director, Apple (Quattro co-founder)
JonMichael Bukosky VP, Content; GM, Los Angeles Founder and CEO, Frag’D Entertainment
David Chang Director, Product Marketing VP Product, Where (now PayPal/eBay)
David Chapman CFO CFO, Clovr Media
Jim Crowley COO CEO, BuyWithMe
Rob DeMillo VP, Engineering CTO, 4INFO
Christine Fiske Director, Business Development Head of Marketing, MeYou Health
Chris Gardner SVP, Products & Marketing Co-founder, Paydiant
Dan Gill VP, Sales SVP, Sales, BuyWithMe
Jeff Glass President and CEO Managing Director, Bain Capital Ventures
Mark Grindeland Co-founder and EVP Co-founder, ShesConnected Multimedia
Gerald Hewes VP, Architecture, Product Co-founder, Unbound Commerce
Jennifer Lum Chief of Staff Co-founder, Apricot Capital
Andy Miller SVP, Business Development VP, Apple (Quattro co-founder)
Srinivasarao Nandiwada VP, Professional Services Co-founder, Unbound Commerce
Joe Paratore VP, Operations Co-founder, Paydiant
Eswar Priyadarshan CTO and Co-founder Product management, Apple (Quattro co-founder)
Michael Schreck Co-founder and Director CEO, Zmags
Mike Troiano General Manager Principal, Holland-Mark
Thi Linh Wernau Senior Account Manager VP, Mobile Messaging Solutions

Gregory T. Huang is Xconomy's Deputy Editor, National IT Editor, and Editor of Xconomy Boston. E-mail him at gthuang [at] Follow @gthuang

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  • Yes, we have an entire series branded this way:

  • Greg, thanks a lot for recapping where some of the m-Qube alumni are today. We had a really broad team of talented individuals – many of whom have since taken leadership roles at other startups and a few like Jennifer Lum who have joined “the dark side” :-) as investors.

    Off the top of my head, I’d also add:
    Jennifer Lum, Co-Founder at Apricot Capital
    Rob Kramer, EVP sales & marketing at Celtra
    Matt Kojalo, VP at Poynt
    Thi Linh Wernau, VP at Mobile Messaging Solutions (mms)
    Jim Manis, CEO at 1024 Wireless Services
    Aran Hamilton, President at VentureGrower
    Meredith Sanner, VP at Mobile Giving Foundation

    What a team we had!

  • Boston Ducky

    I’m trying to find out why I got billed for an unsolicited m-qube offering (a horoscope app). AT&T said I’m on my own.


    NY EDDIE I’m with him y I got billed??? I called (Sprint shit com) asked them where’s my money. They said here’s the name M-QUBE have a nice day. This is y people get hirt stilling money. I’m calling my house in Washington to see what they say or my local tv person. LOL