It’s So Easy, a Fourth Grader Can Do It: Wiggio 2.0 Collaboration Software Aims to Take on SharePoint, Basecamp, Dropbox, & More

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all the information,” Lampert says. “For people who don’t know what Wiggio is, they don’t even have to go to it. You can manage and communicate with groups in Wiggio just by living all through your Gmail inbox.”

Wiggio’s functions are also available via its mobile app for iPhone, which debuted in March as well. The Wiggio interface gathers updates across the different groups users are in, and funnels them into a Facebook-style newsfeed. Users can filter the newsfeed from the Wiggio app or website to only view certain items (like calendar events or uploaded files), or based on different groups they’re in.

The political campaign of Jerry Brown, who won the 2010 California’s governor race, used Wiggio to manage its 3,000-plus volunteers. And as the 2012 races approach, we can expect to see more of that, says Lampert. “We’re getting inbound inquiries from other political campaigns,” he says. “We find that to be a pretty heavy use case.”

For right now, Wiggio is free to use. “We’ve held off [on charging] for certain reasons,” Lampert says. “We’ve seen explosive growth and we didn’t want to limit that by putting a pricing structure on it.” Down the line, the company could offer premium features for businesses and non-profits using the site, Lampert says. The startup, which now works out of the MassChallenge space in Boston, raised $2.1 million last year, led by New Atlantic Ventures and the angel investors from its $450,000 seed financing.

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  • quaker

    I believe the collaboration space is certainly on the rise. I think Wiggio has a good product and is similiar to a product we use. For collaborating with our prospects and customers we use the Business Collaboration Network by It is priced right and works for our needs. Either way, collaboration technology should become commonplace at some point soon.