EveryTrail Was “Unappreciated Gem,” Says TripAdvisor Exec: A Look Inside Today’s Acquisition

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right, and try to figure out how to make these things work.

X: Are you thinking about even deeper types of integration? For example, if you’re recording a trip in EveryTrail and TripAdvisor has information or reviews about one of the stops on the trip, is there a way to surface that?

AM: If you look at the assets, if you will, that each party brings to the table, I think that what we saw was a company that had built a great set of apps, had collected user-generated content that people loved and wanted to use, about places where TripAdvisor content could make the functionality even more relevant and more robust. So I would fully expect that if a stop on the Freedom Trail in EveryTrail is Old North Church, and TripAdvisor has relevant content about Old North Church, we are going to help you discover that, whether it’s inside TripAdvisor or inside EveryTrail.

X: Will Joost Schreve and his team at EveryTrail stay in Palo Also, or move to Newton?

AM: There are no plans to move them. They want to stay in Palo Alto and we want them to stay in Palo Alto. We are going to help grow them, and they and the mobile team at TripAdvisor here will work pretty closely together on a number of fronts, both knowledge sharing and, as we talked about, all the places where it makes sense for our apps and their apps to overlap.

X: I look forward to seeing how EveryTrail will evolve with access to TripAdvisor’s resources. Their integration of photography and GPS alone is something I was writing about and wishing for as long ago as 2005.

AM: People love the content and the ability to record their trips and share them with friends, that’s clear. But when I look at it, in its guts it’s a publishing platform. If you think about all the content that TripAdvisor has access to, and all the travel content out there, EveryTrail is really just a platform to expand what travelers can do on mobile. And that’s the beauty we see in it.

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Wade Roush is the producer and host of the podcast Soonish and a contributing editor at Xconomy. Follow @soonishpodcast

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  • camilop

    Everytrail is left to die, no service, no updates, no nothing… #badtripadvisor

  • kini

    It’s a shame for you, tripadvisor, to kill such an usefull service. I’m looking for any alternatives and find none nearly as good as everytrail was.

  • Karol Szklarski

    Too bad it’s going down. Recently I created an alternative – triptrack.org – it suits my needs, maybe it will suit yours, you can try it