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Novartis Buys Alnylam Shares, Xconomy Holds First Ever Health IT Forum, Vertex Alumni Spread Throughout Life Sciences Sector, & More Boston-Area Life Sciences News

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EMC, Microsoft, and a slew of startups, who dished on how their technology is giving patients greater control over the direction of their health.

—Fairfield, CT-based Management Health Solutions, a provider of inventory management software for hospitals, announced it had raised a $7 million Series B round, led by Enhanced Equity Fund. The new funding enabled its recent acquisition of AtPar, a mobile supply chain software company, and will also go to hiring new employees and expanding products and services.

—Luke did a “where are they now?” piece on the earliest staffers of Vertex Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ; VRTX), the Cambridge biotech that started with the mission of making small-molecule drugs more efficiently than the big pharma companies could. The company was founded 20 years ago by a former senior chemist at Merck, but its alumni have gone on to both big name Boston life sciences and venture capital firms, not to mention a few of their own startups. The list of 33 alumni (and growing, with the help of reader suggestions) helps paint a picture of the influence of the Vertex network in the biotech scene.

—HealthEdge Software, a Burlington, MA-based healthcare payment software maker, pulled in $1.5 million of a planned $3.5 million offering of debt, options, and warrants, an SEC filing revealed.

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