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Flying Under the Radar in February: Nine New England Startup Deals Under $1 Million

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in a piece last week).

The biggest deal to make the February under-the-radar list was $850,000 for XL Hybrids, in a deal that included a promissory note convertible into equity and security to be acquired through the exercise of options or warrants, according to a regulatory filing. We covered the news when it first broke for the Somerville, MA-based startup, which helps organizations maintain hybrid vehicle fleets.

We’ve typically seen Web, software, and energy startups on past lists of smaller deals, but the life sciences industry made a splash in the smaller pool last month, thanks to deals for HealthPrize, as well as laparoscopic instrument maker Cambridge Endoscopic Devices (which actually operates out of Framingham, MA) and Marlborough, MA-based Spectra Analysis, a supplier of molecular spectroscopy systems that caught our eye when it received loans last year from a Massachusetts initiative for investing in the life sciences industry.

Another February under-the-radar deal, a debt-based transaction worth $501,994, went to a company we’ve seen before, Dedham, MA’s Metatomix. Wade previously profiled how the company’s semantic Web technology, which tags raw data with detailed descriptions, or metadata, helps law enforcement electronically monitor the records of past offenders.

And personally, I’m excited about another Web startup on the list: Cambridge’s thredUP, an online marketplace for exchanging used clothing, which pulled in $220,000 in equity-based funding last month.

Read below for the list of deals and company descriptions.

XL Hybrids Somerville,  MA A maker of hybrid systems for commercial vehicle fleets Security To Be Acquired $850,000
Cambridge Endoscopic Devices Framingham, MA A maker of handheld laparoscopic instruments Debt $734,000
Metal Oxygen Separation Technologies Natick,          MA A developer of technologies for converting metal oxides to high-purity metals and pure oxygen gas, for lowering industrial emissions and energy use Equity $645,200
Metatomix Dedham,      MA A provider of semantic integration software for enterprises Debt $501,994
Tap ‘n Tap Boston,         MA A designer of Web platforms for touch-screen home Internet devices Equity $500,000
3Play Media Cambridge,  MA A developer of audio transcription and captioning software Equity $450,000
thredUP Cambridge,  MA An online used clothing exchange Equity $220,000
HealthPrize Technologies Norwalk,       CT A maker of a system that incites patients to take their prescriptions, using financial incentives Equity $150,000
Spectra Analysis Marlborough, MA A supplier of molecular spectroscopy systems Debt $125,000

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