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Under the Radar in January: A Baker’s Dozen of New England Startup Financings Worth $1M or Less

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a solo under-the-radar financing, $215,000 in equity to Pittsfield-based American Energy Independence Company. The company’s website was under construction and they didn’t return calls, but other sources have described the company’s plans to capture spent vegetable oil from restaurants and refine it for home or business heating, auto fuel, and other energy purposes.

Some of these companies we’ve written about before, like Acton, MA-based eIQnetworks, when it nabbed $10 million in its first round of institutional financing last January. BioBehavioral Diagnostics, a Westford, MA-based maker of a system for diagnosing ADHD, showed up on the December under-the-radar list. Its $500,000 January debt financing also came in before the company announced the first close of its $10 million Series B round, a move we covered.

Life sciences companies weren’t huge on the under-the-radar list, though one unconventional medical devices maker pulled in $150,000 in equity. That would be UV Flu Technologies, Boston makers of an air purification system that kills airborne bacteria and viruses—even H1N1—and is FDA approved as a medical device.

Read below for the full list of last month’s under-the-radar deals.

eIQnetworks Acton,      MA Provider of computer platforms that collect and analyze security and regulatory compliance data Debt $1,000,000
U.S. Genomics

Woburn,  MA

Developers of genomic mapping technology used in bio-security, diagnostics, and food and drug contaminant monitoring Equity $1,000,000
Green Earth Technologies Stamford, CT Manufacturer of biodegradable, environmentally safe cleaning products, lawn and garden chemicals, and auto and marine performance chemicals Equity $1,000,000
GroundedPower Gloucester, MA Providers of software that monitors and analyzes home energy consumption Equity $918,000
Vitruva Arlington, MA Providers of career search website that uses social media to match recruiters with job seekers Equity $850,952
Egenera Marlboro, MA Providers of data center management software Equity $645,948
BioBehavioral Diagnostics Westford, MA Producers of ADHD diagnostic system Debt $500,000
Wormser Energy Solutions Salem,     MA Developers of technology to make coal-powered plants cleaner and more efficient Equity $325,002
American Energy Independence Company Pittsfield, NH Refines spent vegetable oil into fuel and distributes multi-fuel burners Equity $215,000
Terascala Avon,       MA Makers of high-capacity computing storage appliances Security to Be Acquired $150,000
UV Flu Technologies Boston,    MA Manufacturers of air purification system that uses high-intensity ultraviolet radiation to kill airborne bacteria Equity $150,000
Infinetics Technologies Boston,    MA Developers of software to create private virtual internetworks Debt $100,000
Market76 Old Saybrook, CT Providers of software for the consumer financial services space Debt $50,000

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