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Notes from Dogpatch Labs’ Housewarming Party—and a List of Initial Inhabitants

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athletes trying to be recruited by colleges.

—Albert Chow, EventHive: web app to enable live discussion across devices between audience members and speakers during presentations and conferences—integrated with Facebook and Twitter to share stream with others as well.

—Waldron Faulkner, GraphEdge: “social graph” analytics for Twitter and social networks.

Dog Patch Labs logo—Ashish Kundra, myzamana a dating and social site for South Asians.

—Raj Aggarwal, Localytics (mentioned above)

—Shawn Broderick, executive director, TechStars Boston (mentioned above).

—Angus Davis, Tellme co-founder, who has moved to Rhode Island and will be spending part of his time here. Barrett tells me that the TellMe entrepreneur will be the first official Dogpatch Fellow, a kind of mentor to others in the lab.

Barrett says he will be able to share a few additional names soon, including “a team working on a Social Media app platform, another developing SaaS analytics apps & another working on a Life Sciences project.”

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