A Car Company at the Web Innovators Group?

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a list of hotels with available rooms that fit the user’s pre-specified preferences. It can even call a user with a wake-up message that includes information about weather and flight times, or remind them about where they parked their car when they return to their home airport.

While the system works on any mobile phone through text messages, Skyward is working on a $10 dedicated iPhone application that will be available through the iTunes App Store by the end of this month, Shore said. In addition to its free service, the company will offer a premium “concierge” subscription service for $10 per month.

Along with the main dish presenters, the meeting featured brief presentations and demo tables from six more interesting venture-backed and pre-venture-funded startups. They included:

* Pixability, a Cambridge, MA, startup that creates professionally edited home movies from camcorder footage that users share online.

* TipJoy, another Cambridge startup (and recent Y Combinator graduate) that has built an online micropayments system that lets users leave tips rewarding online content they like.

* HelpGuest, an online marketplace where self-appointed experts in various computer subjects can assist users over the Internet for a set per-minute rate.

* InfoMed, a Brookline, MA-based company that has built an online medical symptoms checker that leads users to personalized healthcare information.

* Photrade, a Cincinnati, OH-based online marketplace where photographers can sell their images for re-use elsewhere on the Internet; the system embeds ads along with the images, which allows bloggers and other online publishers to use them at no charge.

* Genotrope, a startup job search site created by Boston entrepreneur Tom Summit that makes it easier for job seekers to research prospective employers by showing how local companies are connected to each other via common founders, executives, or investors.

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