Biosphere Medical Gains Momentum With Fibroid Treatment After Years of Wait-and-See

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The clinical trials, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, show that the procedure is as effective as surgery at treating symptoms of fibroids, with a lower rate of complications, and with a 10 to 11-day recovery time instead of four to six weeks with surgery, Faleschini says. The treatment doesn’t always last very long, though. About one-fourth of patients who get the embolization have their fibroids come back within five years, Faleschini says.

The results have been good enough to win reimbursement from all major private insurers, Faleschini says. Now the company is starting to tout the recommendation from the gynecologists’ group to win over individual gynecologists, and convince them it’s in their interest to keep their patients happy, and pass them off to an interventional radiologist for this procedure, Faleschini says. “If they fully inform their patients, they will be happy about it, and reward their doctors with loyalty,” Faleschini says.

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