The Boston Health 2.0 Cluster

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Newton, MA

Makes Web and mobile software for tracking electronic medical records, electronic prescriptions, and patient billing.

Cambridge, MA

An online community of people with diseases such as ALS, HIV, MS, mood disorders, and Parkinson’s, who use the site to track their conditions and exchange experiences about treatment; paid for by providers who use anonymized data from the site to drive treatment research and improve care.

PHT Corporation

Makes electronic diary software for Palm devices and other mobile computing platforms; used for capturing “patient reported outcomes” during research trials.

Wakefield, MA

Makes Web-based software for tracking patient charts in so-called “high-acuity” care situations—emergency rooms, operating rooms, and ICUs, where accuracy and speed are paramount.

Cambridge, MA

Makes semantic or natural-language search tools specialized for medical searches; maintains both a consumer health information search portal ( and a physician-oriented portal (CurbsideMD

Boston, MA

Offers online continuing medical education courses for physicians.

Waltham, MA

Makes Web-based data capture software for medical quality-control measurement programs such as the American College of Surgeons National Surgical Quality Improvement Program.

Cambridge, MA

A physicians-only online community where more than 65,000 providers share informal insights about patient care, swap advice on difficult diagnoses, and rate one another’s posts.

Burlington, MA

Makes software used by healthcare enterprises for automated, interactive telephone calls with members, patients, or consumers.

Chestnut Hill, MA

Web-based diagnostic support software for doctors, structured as a “computational wiki.”

Tangerine Wellness
Boston, MA

Offers reward-based corporate weight management programs to keep employees healthier, including online tools for monitoring weight, vital signs, diet, and exercise.

Virgin HealthMiles
Beverly, MA

Administers an online system that rewards company employees for tracking daily exercise activity, uploading health measurements, and demonstrating fitness improvements; participants earn “HealthCash” that they can use to buy gift cards at major retailers.

WEGO Health
Cambridge, MA

An advertising-supported social networking site for health activists, including support group leaders, forum moderators, bloggers, book authors, coaches, and caregivers.

Cambridge, MA

Makes Web-services-based platforms for electronic medical records, clinical documentation, order entry, and medical image viewing.

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