The Boston Health 2.0 Cluster

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Boston, MA

Online support groups and medical advice for people with rare diseases.

Dovetail Health
Needham, MA

Administers in-home medical telemonitoring for seniors using devices developed by Philips Electronics to monitor patients’ weight, blood pressure, blood sugar, and other health information

Beverly, MA

Designs, develops, and hosts speech-recognition software that allows patients to access health information over the phone and that deliver automated, personalized health reminders.

Enhanced Medical Decisions
Cambridge, MA

Runs, a natural-language search engine specialized for investigating drug interactions and adverse side effects

e-pill Medication Reminders
Wellesley, MA

Online store offering devices that help people remember to take their medications on schedule, such as alarm wristwatches and automated pill dispensers.

Northampton, MA

Provides physician-developed online educational materials through ad-supported websites such as; also offers medical website design services for doctors and online directories of doctors.

Burlington, MA

Makes a Web-based platform for sharing, reviewing, and managing clinical and administrative documents in large healthcare organizations.


Norwell, MA

Stealth-mode company working on personalized positive reinforcement methods for improving medication adherence (health industry jargon for getting patients to take their pills).

Newton, MA

Uses a 20-question assessment to tailor Web, e-mail, text messaging, and phone communications to motivate nonadherent patients to take their medications as prescribed.


Watertown, MA

Makes the Health URL Appliance, a secure Web server designed to store patient health records and diagnostic images such as CT and MRI scans; offers health-record storage directly to consumers.


Westwood, MA

Makes a variety of information systems for clinicians, Web-based educational information for patients, and online appointment scheduling systems.


Cambridge, MA

Makes Web-based systems that allow health plans to communicate directly with providers in their networks and lower the cost of administrative paperwork.

Outcome Sciences
Cambridge, MA

Makes Web-based interfaces for electronic data capture in clinical trials.
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