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Below is our list of the major corporate bloggers in greater Boston. The list isn’t intended to be comprehensive—for one thing, we haven’t included the numerous bloggers from the region’s venture capital industry (we could write a whole ‘nother article just about that crowd). But if you have a favorite New England-area executive blogger who isn’t on our list, leave a comment or write to

Blogger / Job Title / Blog Title & Link

Charlie Baker
President and CEO, Harvard Pilgrim
Let’s Talk Healthcare

George F. Colony
CEO, Forrester Research

Don Dodge
Director of Business Development, Emerging Business Team, Microsoft
Don Dodge on the Next Big Thing

John Dragoon
Chief Marketing Officer, Novell
John Dragoon’s Blog

Paul English
CTO and co-founder, Kayak

John Halamka
CIO, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Life as a Healthcare CIO

Jim Heppelmann
Executive Vice President, Software Products, and Chief Product Officer, Parametric Technology Corporation
Pro/Intralink Advisor

Chuck Hollis
Vice President of Technology Alliances, EMC
Chuck’s Blog

Nabeel Hyatt
CEO, Conduit Labs

Jeff Jaffe
Chief Technical Officer, Novell
Jeff Jaffe’s Blog

Paul Levy
President and CEO, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Running a Hospital

Mark Lewis
President, Content Management and Archiving Division, EMC Corporation
Mark’s Blog

Doug Levin
CEO, Black Duck Software
Doug Levin’s CEO Blog

Alan Meckler
CEO, Jupitermedia
Internet Media Commentary

Arthur Papas
CEO, Bullhorn
Art’s Blog

Polly Pearson
Vice President of Employment Brand and Strategy Engagement, EMC
Polly Pearson’s Blog: Building Careers, Culture, and Cool at EMC

Darmesh Shah
CEO, Hubspot
On Startups

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  • Thanks for the mention, and putting together a great list of local Boston corporate blogs.

    I agree with your sentiments about the Boston Business Journal article. My research indicates that blogging within companies continues to grow, just slowly.