Peter Shaw

Peter Shaw, the managing director of Shaw Management Advisors, has extensive worldwide experience in technology-based companies as a manager, senior executive, entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and director. He has founded or co-founded five companies that led to successful acquisitions. He has served on the boards of more than 15 companies, both public and private, representing investors, assisting the CEO, or as an outside director. His experience includes working with companies that specialize in enterprise hardware, software, the Internet and Software as a Service.

Mr. Shaw sits on the board of the San Diego Venture Group, a non-profit netwroking organization created as a forum for new ventures, and he currently serves as president of the SDVG. He previously served as a venture partner at San Diego-based Windward Ventures and as a senior advisor for Venture Catalyst. He is currently an investor and director at Santrio, a San Diego Web-based order management software company and director of Open Oceans Global, a non-profit dedicated to resolving ocean-related policy issues and conflicts.

He holds a bachelor of engineering degree in electrical engineering from City College of New York and a master of business administration degree from the University of Connecticut.