Keith Spiro, Visual Correspondent

As a long time business leader, entrepreneur and professional photographer, Keith uses his photographic skills to inform his business approach and to focus attention on the people, interactions and organizations that can make a difference in the world.

Business Strategist and Community builder, he trained as a scientist, and today serves as Senior Advisor at Marketplace Access and Understanding, LLC, an organization that is building bridges internationally across cultures and generations.

Keith is widely published, both online and in print, with feature photo spreads and stories highlighting the Northeastern stretch from Maine to New York. Seth Godin has re-published and distributed his story of the Boston based, Spare Change News. Keith writes a monthly Exploring column in the CRYER and provides strategy, content and photos for businesses large and small.

With decades of corporate management, sales leadership, small business launch and non-profit advisory roles, Keith has touched many facets of the business world, consistently helping businesses grow and thrive in the new technology driven world of constant disruption.