Art Mellor

Art Mellor is CEO of Zero Locus, a Milwaukee startup creating predictive analytics software for large data sets using probabilistic graphical models.

Art has spent more than 25 years in the startup world, having founded or co-founded four startups in the technology space and one biotech nonprofit, and worked at three other technology startups.

His previous startups include a venture-backed ISP network configuration company, Gold Wire Technology; a boot-strapped network protocol test company, Midnight Networks; a computer and training consultancy, THINK Consulting; and the world's largest multi-disciplinary, open-access biorepository for multiple sclerosis, Accelerated Cure Project.

He has advised numerous startups as a mentor, adviser, or board member; written hundreds of articles, newsletters, and book chapters; and has been a regular speaker for entrepreneurial classes at MIT, Harvard, Babson, Olin, and other schools.

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